Window Cleaning: A Super Bowl Tale

Window Cleaning: A Super Bowl Tale

How are window cleaning and the Super Bowl related? Imagine this, you’re hosting the Super Bowl party this year because you have an awesome living space with a gorgeous wall of windows and a stunning lake view. And then that one friend, who is barely a friend, while eating the last jalapeño popper, points to your windows and with a full mouth says, “Hey, your windows are dirty.

Ugh! So after the party, you look at your windows and are determined to clean them. But where do you start? A rag with soapy water? But that would leave streaks, right? How would you dry it all? Didn’t mom use newspaper or something with some of that Windex stuff? Okay, you can run to the store and get the Windex stuff, but that means you have to spend all that time to spray and wipe, spray and wipe, spray and wipe… How long will this window cleaning take? You have a job. You have a spouse. You have kids, friends, dogs to walk – the same dogs that are now drooling all over the outside of the glass door and pawing muddy paws on it as well.

Window cleaning - dogs

Save your time shopping for window cleaning products. Save your money from spending it on window cleaning products that don’t work. Save your weekend from doing a chore that doesn’t make you happy. Call PNW Window and Gutter Cleaning, the professionals who love cleaning windows and serving customers. PNW Window + Gutter Cleaning also love helping you stick it to the quasi-friend who ate the last popper that was meant for you!

PNW Window and Gutter Cleaning have the knowledge, the skills and the tools for quick and efficient window cleaning. So you can get back to enjoying your home and the beautiful lake and trees on the other side of it. Our process makes it quick and easy to set up an appointment. Call us today and we will explain how we will perform your window cleaning– even washing those windows that seem impossible to reach!

Call PNW Window and Gutter Cleaning at 425-654-2566 for a window cleaning quote today!

Lake and trees

Image sources: Sarah Malcom, kewzoo, OldManTravels