Kirkland Window & Gutter Cleaning

Proudly Serving Kirkland Home & Business Owners

Ladder Heroes has been serving Kirkland and the Greater Seattle area for five years. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer experience, time and time again.

Exterior Cleaning Services in Kirkland

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of a healthy home. When neglected, gutters can back-up with leaves and other debris, causing rot, leaks and other expensive problems. Leave the messy maintenance to the professionals!

Ladder Heroes’ gutter cleaning service includes removing all of the debris from inside of the gutter system and ensuring the downspouts are clear above ground. If you have gutter screens installed, we can blow debris from the tops and allow water to flow into them to ensure they function properly. Our professional team will clean up your property afterwards and leave you with complete peace of mind.

Window Cleaning

Don’t forget about your windows! When they’re not cleaned, if enough dirt and debris build up, they can be damaged overtime. Dirty windows are also a huge curb appeal damper. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or property manager, clean windows are necessary for the best possible look outside, and in.

At Ladder Heroes, our technicians use professional grade window cleaning equipment to completely restore your windows. Depending on the nature of the job we can use a mop and squeegee method or a water fed pole. Our technicians are also equipped with tools and chemicals that can remove difficult debris or stickers from windows too.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Treatment

Roof cleaning is even more important in a climate like Kirkland Seattle! Overtime, moisture can cause shingles to become brittle, and break. It can also lead to roof leaks if left unchecked. Moss and other organisms love a moist and damp environment, and they can wreak havoc if they grow enough. Thankfully, a thorough roof cleaning job can ensure that any moss can’t damage your property!

Our complete roof cleaning process begins by having a technician use a stiff brush to gently remove any larger clumps of moss from the roof. Next, the technician will use an industrial grade blower to clear the roof of moss and any tree debris sitting on the roof. Lastly, we apply a moss treatment to the roof. If any moss remains on the roof we’d expect that moss to change color from green to yellow, brown, or black in the following month. Over time, the moss will wither away and slough off of the roof. We clean up your property at the end and your home will look better than before we arrived!

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

“Robby, Fletcher and Tyler did a wonderful job at our house. They cleaned our roof, gutters, windows and sidings. They were very professional, courteous and reliable. Excellent customer service overall. Highly recommend PNW Window and Gutter Cleaning!” – Vijaya

“Robby and his team did a wonderful job – they did windows inside and out, gutter cleaning, pressure washed back deck, front porch, stamped concrete sidewalks and concrete driveway. He was thorough, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend! 5 stars!!” – Beth

“Very quick and efficient! And did the job earlier than expected. Will use them for years to come!” – Shefali