Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment Services

Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment Service in Greater Seattle

Trust Ladder Heroes to deliver detailed and gentle roof cleaning services to homes and businesses in the Greater Seattle area. We offer no-pressure roof cleaning that maintains the cleanliness of your roof, helps prevent moss from growing and also retains the curb appeal of your home.

Don’t risk your safety by climbing up on your roof to clean it. Leave it to our professionals! Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured and we use fall protection while taking great care of your property. Contact us and get a free quote today!


Why is Roof Cleaning Important?

Your roof is one of the biggest investments you can make on your home so you’ll want to see to it that you are taking great care of it to avoid having to replace it sooner than necessary. General cleaning of your roof can help ensure your warranty on the roof is valid and keep your home looking beautiful.


Removing Debris From Your Roof

Removing debris from your roof is a very important step to keep moss, algae, or lichen from forming on your roof and possibly staining it. Debris can hold in moisture which creates a breeding ground for these organisms to grow and thrive. Moisture on the roof can also soften shingles and lead to a roof leak, or cause them to become brittle and break off over time.


Cleaning Moss From Your Roof

In addition to debris removal, it is of the utmost importance to remove and treat moss on your roof regularly. Being in the Pacific Northwest we live in an environment that moss thrives in. Not only can moss be unsightly, but if enough accumulates, it can actually redirect water flow from its intended target into the gutters and cause water damage to decks or landscaping.


How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

Depending on the environment around your home we’d expect most homeowners to have the roof cleared of debris at a minimum of once, if not twice a year. Common times for roof cleaning are early in the Spring before the rainy season hits and late Fall once the debris has mostly fallen for the season.

Ladder Heroes recommends having your roof inspected and treated for moss once a year. The moss treatment we apply will kill moss but it also has a residual effect that will change the pH level on the roof which helps prevent moss for months following the application. This can be done any time of the year as the treatment we use can be used in wet or dry conditions.


What Does Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment Involve?

Our complete roof cleaning process begins by having a technician use a stiff brush to gently remove any larger clumps of moss from the roof. Next, the technician will use an industrial grade backpack blower to clear the roof of the moss and any tree debris sitting on the roof. Lastly, we apply a moss treatment to the roof. If any moss remains on the roof we’d expect that moss to change color from green to yellow, brown, or black in the following month. Over time, the moss with wither away and slough off of the roof in the elements. We clean up your property at the end and your home should look better than before we arrived!


Why Work With Ladder Heroes

Dependable Service & Top Notch Results

At Ladder Heroes we want to serve your needs in a fashion that works best for you. We have helpful office staff available to take your calls and answer and any questions you have during standard business hours, but for those who don’t have the time to place a call you can simply visit our website and fill out a quote request form.

We only hire technicians whose top priority is to serve your needs and maintain or restore the beauty of your home. Ladder Heroes technicians are fully trained on the best safety and fall protection practices, and they use professional grade equipment that helps create exceptional results in an efficient manner.

After we complete the work and you are satisfied with the results our Ladder Heroes team will email you an invoice. We gladly accept cash or checks if you are home, but if you can’t be present for the service we also welcome checks by mail, or you can use our pay online option by clicking the link on the invoice. Our objective is to keep payment simple and convenient for you.


Roof Cleaning Service Locations

We serve the Greater Seattle area in the following locations:


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“We had an old shake roof on its last legs that was mossy and desperately in need of cleaning. Ladder Heroes did an amazing job and were extremely careful not to damage the very fragile shakes. Their quality of work and care for our home was top notch.” – Ben

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