Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment Services

Extend the life of your roof by establishing a regular roof maintenance and treatment program.

Ladder Heroes specializes in cleaning all types of roofs including composite shingle, tile, metal, and cedar shake. Moss, algae, and lichen will slowly deteriorate the integrity of your roof if left untreated. By using the latest safety devices and systems, we can work on the steepest roofs, and prevent total impact to the roof itself.

We carefully agitate the moss with a stiff bristle brush and have very little contact with the roofing material. We then use a commercial grade backpack blower to remove all loose debris from your roof. Then we clean out your gutters and downspouts removing all blockages.

The final step is a powder treatment that kills the remaining moss at its roots preventing re-growth. After thirty days you will see that the wind and rain have effectively removed the remaining dead moss. The treatment is EPA approved and will not harm your plant or building material. We are always mindful of your landscaping and work to maintain the integrity of your PNW roof. For steeper or difficult to access roofs we will use a liquid moss treatment.

  • Prevent damage to your roof and avoid costly repairs
  • Remove debris, moss, and algae

In regards to pressure washing roofs: 

We do not recommend pressure-washing roofs or any method that requires pressure. We advise against it. While this method is effective in eliminating moss, it can cause more damage to the roof than the moss itself. Pressure washing can cause your roofing material to erode and break off, leaving you more susceptible to permanent roof damage and decreasing the lifetime of your roof.

We serve clients in Kirkland, Bellevue, and in the Greater Seattle Area.


“We had an old shake roof on its last legs that was mossy and desperately in need of cleaning. Ladder Heroes did an amazing job and were extremely careful not to damage the very fragile shakes. Their quality of work and care for our home was top notch.” – Ben

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