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Professional Window Cleaning Services in Greater Seattle

Over the past four years, Ladder Heroes has gladly helped homeowners and businesses keep their windows sparkling clean. It’s been said before that “windows are the eyes of the home” so it’s important we keep them clear and beautiful so we can enjoy the brightness and view a clean window can offer.

Contact Ladder Heroes today and see just how much light and clarity you can invite into your home or business with a window cleaning!

Strata & Commercial Window Cleaning

We offer the cleaning of both interior and exterior windows for commercial and strata properties such as apartment buildings, duplexes and townhomes.

Whether you’re looking for a one‐time, monthly or contract service, we are confident that we can cater to your specific needs and get the job done efficiently.

Residential Window Cleaning

Ladder Heroes provides residential homeowners the service they need to maintain their homes and protect their investment.

Our professional window cleaning service will leave all of your windows, skylights, and glass panels positively shiny inside and out – all in just one detailed visit!

Why is Window Cleaning Important?

Besides being able to look out of a clear window and see the beauty outside, you might be surprised to know there are other reasons to maintain and clean windows regularly.

Curb Appeal

For businesses in particular the appearance and general upkeep of the storefront windows can make a big impact on whether or not a customer wants to enter. Keeping the windows clean makes the environment feel open and organized.

If you are looking to sell your home one of the best ways to increase your curb appeal is to clean your windows. Real estate agents highly recommend it, and it’s an inexpensive way to instantly boost the look and feel of the home. Clean windows invite extra light into the home and make it feel well taken care of.

Window Integrity

When windows aren’t cleaned regularly they build up dust, debris, spiderwebs, and bug droppings. These things can increase the risk or etching, or scratch your glass when they are eventually cleaned. Windows that are not cleaned regularly can become weaker and the integrity of the glass is compromised making them easier and more susceptible to breaking. Keeping up routine maintenance on the windows can help ensure the windows last you as long as possible.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

The answer to that can vary. If you are a business owner it might make sense to have windows cleaned monthly to keep a clean appearance and remove fingerprints, smudges, and other marks left by a high volume of traffic coming and going.

For most homes we’d recommend having the windows cleaned once a year to keep things in good shape. It is common to clean windows in late spring or summer once the sun shines and you notice the glass is dusty. It’s also great to have your windows cleaned before major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas if you are having guests and want to spruce up the home. If you really enjoy looking out of clean windows constantly we offer recurring maintenance on the windows twice a year, or even quarterly if you live off of the water and need it more frequently.

What Does Window Cleaning Involve?

Ladder Heroes technicians use professional grade window cleaning equipment to restore your windows. Depending on the nature of the job we can use a mop and squeegee method or a waterfed pole. Our technicians are also equipped with tools and chemicals that can remove more difficult debris or stickers from windows if necessary.

For window screens that are particularly dirty, we offer an optional add-on to have our technicians remove any screens on the windows as they go along, gently wipe them down for bird droppings or cobwebs, and replace them at the end. We can also offer a more thorough cleaning with soapy water and dry them if requested.

Why Choose Ladder Heroes

The Ladder Heroes team strives to makes the process of getting the estimate all the way to payment really simple and convenient for you. You have the option to give our friendly office coordinator a call to receive more information about our services and pricing, or you can visit our website and fill out an estimate request form and our staff will respond promptly. We’ll gladly arrange the appointment around your schedule, or we can perform the work without you home depending on your preference. Once the work is completed, and more importantly once you are happy with the work, we will send you an invoice via email. You can pay by cash, check, or we have a pay online option.

Gutter Cleaning Service Locations in Greater Seattle

We provide the following Greater Seattle locations with gutter cleaning services:

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“Robby and his team did a wonderful job – they did windows inside and out, gutter cleaning, pressure washed back deck, front porch, stamped concrete sidewalks and concrete driveway. He was thorough, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend!” – Beth

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