Preparing Your Gutters for Fall in Kirkland

Preparing Your Gutters for Fall in Kirkland

It’s that time of year again. Autumn leaves are falling, pumpkin spice lattes are back, and our gutters are clogged. 

Clogged gutters lead to expensive headaches later on. We’re entering the great PNW rainy season, and if water gets stuck in clogged gutters and freezes, the gutters can expand and split wide open! Overflowing water can also seep into your building and cause the wood and other materials to rot–an awful, costly repair.

Although it’s not the most exciting fall activity, you need to clean your gutters.

A. Gutter cleaning is annoying, but necessary

You’ll need to spend an entire weekend climbing up your ladder to remove all of the natural debris that has accumulated in your gutters.

Pro tip 1use a scoop
Using your hand to pick gunk out of gutters is ineffective and unpleasant. Dead leaves and other organic material can be easily scooped out and you can avoid getting your hands dirty.

Pro tip 2: flush it out afterwards
It might be a hassle, but after you’ve cleaned your gutters of debris, give them a nice flush with a water hose to leave them completely clean.

Pro tip 3: don’t dump debris on the lawn
Yes, the dead material will decompose, but it doesn’t mean that it’s good for your lawn or plants. Gutter debris is not nutritious fertilizer.

B. Inspect your gutters

After your gutters are sparkly clean, check for signs of structural damage.

Look out for:

  • loose screws
  • excessive wear and tear 
  • leaks
  • uneven sections

Here are some questions that you can ask during your inspection process:

  • Are the gutters pulling away from the house? 
  • Are they starting to sag?
  • Is the downspout loose? 

Inspecting for damages can not only help you save on repairs in the future, but also let you know what needs to be done now for the upcoming winter season.

C. Repair the small things the moment you spot them

If you spot any holes or cracks in your gutters, get them repaired before the weather gets worse. Fixing these small issues will save you a fortune. If more rain, branches, leaves, ice, and snow continue to put their weight on these spots, it’ll potentially damage the entire structure.

D. Trim and tidy up branches close to gutters

If you spot tree branches that are hanging over your gutters, get them trimmed! All the leaves, seeds, and nuts will fall onto your roof and roll into your gutters. 

E. Give Ladder Heroes a call and enjoy a cup of tea

Instead of crawling up and down a ladder all weekend, let one of our pros come do the work for you. Yes, we’ll find a time that works best for you to get the job done. Give us a call at 425-654-2566 or get a quote today.