Increase Curb Appeal Without Wasting 💰 | Curb Appeal On A Budget

Increase Curb Appeal Without Wasting 💰 | Curb Appeal On A Budget

Looking to increase your curb appeal quickly and without wasting money? You’d be surprised at how simple it is to do this, so let’s dive in. 

Replace Your Porch Lights

Replacing your porch lights is a great way to quickly and inexpensively increase your curb appeal, and it’s pretty simple to do if you have a couple tools. What’s even better is that even if you’ve got a couple, you can pick one up for less than $50, depending on how fancy you want to go, and of course your budget. 

Porch light

Paint The Front Door

Another very simple but impactful way to increase your curb appeal is to just paint your front door. You can very quickly add a lot of color to your property, and if the door has been primed you should only need about a quart of paint. Be sure to get a paint that is designed for outside use!

Paint your front door

Change Your House Numbers 

One of the simplest and most cost effective things on this list is to replace your house numbers. You should only need very simple tools for this job, you’ll probably just need a drill and a level to align them. 

House number - 5

Change The Color Of Your Electrical Boxes

Consider changing the color of your electrical boxes to match or accent the color of your house. A couple considerations here though are that you should make sure there are no building codes prohibiting from painting, and that you should tape up any electrical connections before painting. Also, this is another one where you have to use a weather-ready paint. 

Change the color of your electrical boxes

Get Your Windows Cleaned 

This is one of the few on this list you don’t even have to do yourself! Getting your windows clean can really make a difference in your curb appeal, especially if they’re long overdue for a clean. If you’d rather have the professionals do it, feel free to contact us here

Get A New Mailbox

Your mailbox is subject to a lot of weather abuse, and it might be one of the first things that stands out to onlookers. The good news is you can replace it with pretty minimal effort. Just make sure that if you live as part of a homeowner’s association, you check the association’s requirements so that you don’t have to replace the replacement. Also, according to USPS, the mailbox should be 41 – 45 from the road to the mailbox’s bottom, and 6 – 8 inches in from the curb. 


Stain Or Paint Your Garage Door

Your garage is a sizable portion of your house curb appeal-wise. So, it stands to reason that improving its look can make a big difference in your home’s overall curb appeal. This article from Peek Brother’s Painting goes into more detail on the steps to take. 

Stained garage door

Add A New Door Knocker 

Here’s another one of the simplest things on this list. Adding or replacing your door knocker can be a nice improvement to your curb appeal. You should only need a screwdriver or drill, measuring tape and a new door knocker (of course). 

Door knocker

Personalize Your Doormats 

The winner for least effort goes to personalized doormats. Sure, people won’t necessarily see the doormat from the curb, but this can still be a great thing to add as a first impression to your property. There are many different options for getting this done, so just Google it and pick your favorite. 

Personal your doormats

There you have it! Which ones will you try?