How To Clean Solar Panels

How To Clean Solar Panels

You might ask, why should I clean my solar panels? Won’t rain do the work for me?

Yes and no. It depends on many things.

Bird Droppings and Build Up

Do you live near trees, and do you hear birds chirping in the morning? Well if that’s the case, you’re sure to have a few bird droppings or two on your solar panels. That’s probably not so great for their efficiency.

Dust and pollution can cause a lot of build up and impact the energy absorption as well.

Different Types of Solar Panels

There are many different categories and types of solar panels. Based on the company you purchased from, you should check if there are any specific instructions for cleaning solar panels.

Side note: it’s not just about cleaning, but about maintenance too!

Before Cleaning, Take Safety Seriously

If you’re up on the roof, use a rope with a safety harness. You don’t want to contribute to the 500,000 falls from ladders that happen annually. Wear a hard hat too!

Solar panels can get really hot sometimes, so be careful not to burn yourself as well.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Use a sponge with a long handle to clean solar panels. You can probably make one by yourself. Gently spray water onto the solar panel when cleaning.

Do not walk on solar panels, do not use a pressure washer, do not use any rough tools that may cause scratches, and do not use harsh chemicals like bleach.

IMPORTANT: Remember that solar panels are primarily made from silicon and glass. Also remember that they can get really, really hot from absorbing sunlight.

What happens if you splash cold water on solar panels when they’re super hot? You guessed right. The panels will crack or even break in some cases.

If you live in a really hot climate, it’ll be best to clean your solar panels early in the morning or in the evening. Hot panels and cold water don’t mix! Don’t just take our word for it. This Nasa astronaut offers a few words of wisdom:

solar panel astronaut

Tired of Cleaning Solar Panels? Leave It To Ladder Heroes

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