7 Crucial Gutter Cleaning Benefits You Shouldn’t Ignore

7 Crucial Gutter Cleaning Benefits You Shouldn’t Ignore

As a homeowner, you are surely aware of the never-ending list of things you have to keep up with. Gutter cleaning is one of those things you can’t afford to neglect – literally. Here are 7 crucial gutter cleaning benefits that should not be ignored. 

Prevents interior damage 

As your gutters remain constantly exposed to the elements, debris builds-up over time. The rate of build-up depends on many things, such as  climate, how close your structure is to leafy trees etc. What happens when gutters are not regularly cleaned is debris creates a blockage that will do exactly what you don’t want: create a ground pool of water that can leak directly into your basement if you have any cracks in your walls. It is safe to say that you want to avoid this kind of damage at all costs! According to Homeadvisor, Americans spend an average of $2,500 to fix water damage in their homes, but this can climb up to $7,000. Another scenario is clogged gutters cause backed-up water and seep into your ceiling or walls. Similarly to the above, this kind of damage is far from inexpensive to fix, but can be avoided with regular gutter cleaning. 

Basement water damage

Prevents exterior damage 

Clogging can also affect the exterior of your home. Efficiently working gutters should direct water safely away from your property, but dysfunctional gutters will do the opposite, allowing  water to pool in one location on your property’s exterior. Left alone, this pooled water can damage the foundation of your home, as well as to landscaping, causing water to fall on plants, shrubs, small trees etc. 

Exterior water damage

Prevents damage to your roof

When it comes to the roof,  Homeadvisor reports the average roof repair cost in America is between $315 to $1,000 and can rise as high as $1,900. In addition to the damage we’ve covered so far, clogged gutters can keep water on your shingles, causing unnecessary and permanent roof damage. A great way to avoid this potential and costly issue, is to schedule a thorough gutter cleaning before damage sets in, resulting in an expensive repair bill. 

Standing water in gutters

Improves the lifespan of your gutters

Isn’t it great when things last a long time without needing replacement? Gutters can be this simple, but they need you to do your part in having them cleaned periodically. Gutters can last as long as your roof, but they will fail over time if neglected

Gutter cleaning & maintenance

Prevents a pest infestation 

Something that might not come to mind when thinking about clogged gutters is a pest infestation, but this is entirely possible over time. Damp, dirty gutters can attract a variety of unwanted creatures: mosquitoes, birds, rats, ants & termites are a few. Regular gutter cleaning can help keep annoying winged and furry things away from your property. 


Prevents ice formation

Depending on where you live, ice formation may not affect your home. The Greater Seattle area, for example, only sees about 23 freezing nights per year. While clean gutters can also form ice dams, formations are more likely to occur when your gutters are clogged. As a result, the backed up standing water will have time to freeze and make matters worse.  

Ice formation in gutters

Helps keep your home safe

Everything we’ve mentioned so far not only impacts your wallet and curb appeal of your home, these damages can also be unsafe. For example, pooled water that cracks your foundation can create a tripping hazard. It can also be hazardous if you choose  to clean the gutters yourself, without the proper equipment or knowledge. While you may not seriously injure yourself, over 160,000 people are sent to the ER in the US per year due to falls from ladders! Consult the professionals to schedule a gutter cleaning if you’re not confident in your ladder climbing abilities. 

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